Team Opportunities

Team Opportunities

We do have several opportunities to get more involved.  We all work hard to be able to spend time outdoors and that hard work is rewarded.

We don’t believe in hand outs, but we do believe in helping others and especially those that take the time and effort to help us.

All 3 areas will include reciprocal links back to our site, a page on our site explaining who you are and what you do, as well as possible opportunities to be featured in our blog and include posts.

The Pro Staff, Solar Sportsman Affiliate, or a Dealer are the 3 main opportunities to be a part of our team.  Below is an explanation of where you may fit into our win-win program.

Pro Staff-

The promotional staff is for industry professionals.  This area is for those that get out in front of a lot of people and have opportunities to mention or even showcase our products.  It can be in a wide range of areas with a multitude of outlets.  This area is great for those respected in their industry and are known for their honesty in product evaluations.  We are more interested in consumer education than a sales approach.

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This is a great area for a lot of companies big and small to get involved.  Professional Guides, Small lure companies, any outdoor product company, any auto, boat, or RV related shop that would like to offer but not stock our products, are all great fits for our affiliate program.  With  our program we can track how much you help us and sponsor back to you.  In most cases it is just as easy as letting people know you are an affiliate of ours.  The cost to become an affiliate is very inexpensive and in many cases free.  Let us help you it is worth it.

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If you service or sell things that use our batteries this is the program for you.  We are a manufacture representative for Lithionics Batteries.  If you would like to offer them we are the ones to talk to.  Not only do you get the benefits of being a dealer of a great product we have several other ways to give you even more back.  Not to mention with being a dealer installed product it extends the battery warranty to 5 years.  Even the batteries sold through are site can be shipped directly to you to be installed!

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