Lithium Marine Battery Benefits

The modern boating experience is completely dependent on the batteries aboard.  A good lithium marine battery will start engines, keep valuable electronics and navigation equipment running, and can be the single most important factor on how much you enjoy your time on the water.  It doesn’t matter if you want the competitive advantage, security of being able to get back to shore, what type of boat you have or the equipment on board if the batteries fail or don’t have enough power or run time for what is needed for your day on the water, your boating experience just isn’t what it could be.  The change in battery choice is here and our Lithium Marine Battery is up for the challenge to make your day on the water whatever you choose to make it and not chosen for you due to equipment failure or under performance.  The choice is still yours to make.

Lithium Marine Battery Benefits

Lithium Marine Battery Weight-
Reduce system battery weight by up to 80%!

Lithium Marine Battery 36v trolling battery

Lithium Marine Battery Charge Times-
It’s never good to leave the dock with a partial charge.

Lithium Marine Battery Depth Of Discharge (DOD)-
Battery efficiency and deeper depth of discharge allow for much longer run time than comparable lead acid!

Lithium Marine Battery Cycle Life
3 times the number of cycles at a deeper depth of discharge!

Lithium Marine Battery Management System (BMS)-
The most important part of the battery! Protect your investment!

Lithium Marine Battery Energy Density-
More power in less space with less weight!

Lithium Marine Battery Solar Compatibility-
Take advantage of the greatest resource on Earth!

SustainabilityLithium Marine Battery Environmental Impact-
Lithium is easily recycled!

Lithium Marine Battery Maintenance
The best kept secret of Lithium!

Don’t settle and have a great day on the water end in battery failure.  Find the lithium batteries you need for your next boating adventure in our online store.