Lithium Marine Batteries

Lithium Marine Batteries are changing the way boaters are using and enjoying their time on the water.  With immediate benefits, longevity, built-in safety and security in the lithium battery systems that we offer, we are quickly becoming the place of choice to purchase the best boating experience money can buy.

No matter the size of boat, the electronics, or other battery-powered features your boat has our lithium marine batteries are the heart of the modern boating experience. If your batteries don’t perform at all or with less power and run time than your trip requires it quickly and greatly impacts what you can do on the water as well as your overall experience!

Lithium Marine Batteries

Boat on calm lakeLithium Marine Battery Benefits-

Understanding lithium battery technology and how it works as compared to what has been the boating norm for many years is the first step into understanding the individual benefits and how the affect your boating experience.


Lithium Marine Batteries for trolling motorLithium Marine Batteries for Trolling Motors-

Reduce boat weight and having to continually turn up the power level on you trolling system.  More available power and longer run times allows you to stay on the fish longer even when fighting current and wind conditions.  A true competitive advantage!


Lithium boat batteryLithium Marine Batteries for Cranking and Electronics-

With the cranking power for even the biggest engines and consistent power output to extend the life of your electronics the battery management system also allows for added security when at the dock as well as a reset button to get your motor running and back to the dock.


48v190-30HND Render 4Houseboat Lithium Marine Batteries

Lithium marine batteries for houseboat systems offer are a great alternative in a system that requires heavy use and dependability. Due to battery efficiency, solar charging can be efficiently incorporated, saving generator fuel and saving money on a daily basis for many years.

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