USB HUB – Your Lifestyle is Now Unrestricted

USB HUB - Your Lifestyle is Now Unrestricted

A USB hub is simply a system that is adaptable to many devices because it is USB compatible. USB technology is centered on the transfer of energy and data so the two main USB hubs are batteries and data storage. We have received a lot of questions about our USB batteries and solar panels so we want to take some time to explain the USB hub that we offer. USB HUB Technology USB technology is very efficient at transferring energy but it does have limitations. Typically USB systems are 5 volt with a capability of a 2 amp continuous energy […]

Welcome Joshua Sykora To The Pro Staff

Joshua Sykora is a tournament ice fisherman whose focus is on experimental fishing tactics in pan fishing and learning techniques in order to further himself and the fishing industry as a whole. Josh works alongside Wilcraft Inc., Striker Ice, Jeff’s Jigs and Flies, and PK Lures during the winter months helping to design new equipment, tournament fishing and promoting their equipment. Josh came highly recommended to add to our Pro Staff.  He has built a reputation of being straight forward and easy to work with.  While constantly striving to create new and innovative ways to produce results on the water, […]

Why is NeverDie important?

NeverDie turns the battery off when the battery becomes too depleted, but not before it is completely dead.  In an engine cranking application this means that you will always have enough power to start your motor.  NeverDie also allows you to turn your batteries off when not in use.  In an application like a boat the batteries can be locked in the compartment and turned off, adding security to your investment. Find this technology and other products in our Store.

NeverDie Technology

NeverDie is a battery management system that keeps the battery from going completely dead.  It monitors the level of charge in the battery and turns the battery off when it gets too depleted.  This protects the battery from over-discharge and extends the life of the battery.  This management system also allows the user to turn the battery off when not in use, rendering it completely useless to anyone who is not suppose to be using it. You can find batteries with Neverdie technology in our Store.

Solar For RV’s

rates offered There’s nothing worse than pulling into a campsite with the family only to find that there is no power for your RV.  There is enough power in your batteries for one day but you know it will not make it through the weekend. Extend your stand and expand your options by adding a portable solar array to your RV.  New module design allows for easy storage without taking up as much space as conventional modules.  This will also eliminate stress associated with making sure a campsite has an electrical hookup and will expand your camping options. Check out […]

What is energy efficiency and how does it apply to me?

Efficiency in energy can mean how energy is stored, transported, or used.  Having an efficient energy system is something entirely different than being energy efficient.  The efficient system is designed to optimize every aspect of energy efficiency.   Think of electrical energy like water.  Modern technology has optimized how this water is transported, stored, and has improved the equipment that uses this water.  However, it can be easily wasted if the consumer is not aware of how to properly use the equipment.  Educating the consumer turns energy efficient components into an efficient system. Energy storage is a key component for […]