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 Solar Sportsman Product Uses

Solar Sportsman is the place to find high quality lithium battery solutions to your everyday and outdoor needs.  We can power your ice fishing flasher and your boat with longer run times, quicker recharge times, and for more battery cycles than any other lithium battery on the market. Stop using age-old lead acid technology and start using our lithium batteries for a more enjoyable, sustainable and more cost-effective outdoor adventure.

Solar sportsman’s USB compatible products can power and charge your small electronic devices such as cell phones, GoPro cameras, hand-held GPS, Sonars with apps, or gaming equipment with our lithium external battery line.  These products including our compatible solar panels not only allow you charging power anywhere at virtually anytime.  Solar Sportsman’s products allow you the user freedom from grid dependency.  Let your next adventure take you anywhere with the confidence that you will be able to use your small electronics devices to make your adventure enjoyable.

Solar Sportsman takes pride in giving back.  Any purchases of our USB compatible external batteries or solar panels help bring sustainability education to schools.  Each purchase directly helps the Solar For Schools program through Solar Sportsman.  Solar Sportsman takes a portion of these sales to help donate educational solar packages to schools that inspire the next generation and empowers them to change the world with sustainability education in your local community.